Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I almost can't believe Day 8 has come and gone. There's no way I'm giving up now. I mean, I've come this far. It is suddenly so easy because the end is in sight.

I made a diet plan for two weeks after this detox. It involves a lot of salads and fruits and of course chicken. I've got to have chicken folks. But I'll try and go healthy by eating chicken skinless and grilled or roasted or boiled. Never fried. I will try to keep my body away from unhealthy food and only have one cheat day a week.

Since I can't really exercise with a vengeance yet, eating sensibly is the only option available to me if I wish to keep off the love handles.

It's been a very illuminating experience. Now I understand a little bit why religions fast for piety. When your mind is freed from contemplating food, which by the way unknowingly occupies our minds ever so often, you can then focus and channel your energy into deeper introspection. lol. Let your mind rise above oral gratification and you'll be shocked what you can do.

I've been combining this cleansing with some yoga style breathing exercises. I've found myself at peace in the midst of this and also closer to enlightenment than I've ever been (you can guess that fasting has never been my thing). I am able to think more effectively. I have actually dealt with issues that have weighed on my mind for ages. No jokes people. I don't know how it works but I haven't felt better than this in ages. The Point is, I am glad I saw it through (or maybe I am just so hungry I am beginning to get high...roflol)

Physically, not only am I slimmer, with the love handles gone (lol), I look healthy. I feel great! I have a burst of energy right now. I am sleeping better. My skin is positively glowing. If not for the humanity of me begging for meat, I wouldn't mind continuing this detox. So, I'll do the next best thing which is to incorporate more raw food in my diet, clean and organic and reduce additives and over refined foods. It would be an enjoyable change thinking of ways to make these taste great.

Okay people, 2 more days to go. The countdown continues.

Weight 64.5kg.

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