Monday, September 6, 2010


I discovered something today! If you add a little more syrup than recommended to the mix it tastes loads better. The after taste is still there but it tastes better! Or maybe anything that tastes different will taste better to me right now. Fancy discovering this on day 7! :-|

Day 7 was okay. I tempted myself a bit by deciding to make some pizza for a friend visiting. Guess what? My friend does visit but tells me he is on a strict diet which does not allow him to eat carbs and fat!!!! I urged him to eat the pizza (muah ha ha ha ha ha) and he did! lol. Well, I couldn't leave the pizza there now, I surely would've ended up eating it myself... It was better him than me... (insertdevilemoticonhere).

I've stopped counting down in days and I am now counting down in hours. My energy level is still good. Seems the weight loss has stopped, let's see what happens in the next three days. Though I haven't lost any more weight since day 5.

I tried some meditation yesterday, helped centre me...

Looking forward to finishing this diet though it would be nice to eat some nice vegetable mix grill type meal with a glass of fresh juice... Who am I kidding? I just want to eat CHICKEN!

My sugar craving seems to have been cured but not my craving for meat (or dead animals) as a friend likes to call it.

Weight is still 65kg folks, I would've included some exercise but found out recently that my surgical incision isn't completely healed yet so can't risk any cardio or weights right now. I have decided to be cautious.

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