Sunday, September 5, 2010


I'm bored. I'm not sure I've ever been bored with the taste of anything so bad. It's bad enough this syrup tastes so awful, then it has to be the only thing I've allowed myself in 6days. Oh and of course the near tasteless peppermint tea.

Day 6 was a challenge, I had to make breakfast for my mom. The smell of fried eggs, tomatoes, fried plantain... Hmmmmm. Oddly I was satisfied from just smelling the food. Later I took my mother out for lunch and watched her eat. I didn't tell her I was on the diet though, just that I wasn't hungry so she kept offering me some fish! Gosh!

The point is, I just want to chew on something... anything. My shoes are beginning to look very edible.

I kept busy though and didn't have the time to be hungry. I noticed I've been drinking less and less of the mix and more and more water because I hate the taste of the syrup so much. This means I wake up energetic and start feeling weak later in the day. The goodnews is I look great and I have only four days to go! I can't wait to taste food!

Weight: 65kg

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