Thursday, September 2, 2010


My stomach had a big decision to make. Did it really require solid food in it everyday? Could it really go 10 whole days without the thump-thump of masticated rice and chicken falling in from my oesaphagus? So all day my stomach struggled with this BIG decision. Guess who suffered for it?

So as my stomach struggled with this decision the rest of my body just had a dull day. All I can say is day 3 was a bit hard. However, I hear it should be. I hear after day 3 you start feeling better. I am holding on to this hope. I planned to exercise a little but I was too tired to. Hopefully my energy level will improve tomorrow.

I wasn't exactly starving or anything. Just completely uninspired. All I wanted to do was take a nap but I had to sit in front of my PC all day. So day 3 was uneventful.

I've been asked, how do you keep off the weight after losing it. Isn't this a crash diet for all intents and purposes? We all know crash diets are not sustainable.

First, it isn't supposed to be a weight loss diet, it is a detox diet, but helps people attain their ideal weight. Because you are actually getting the nutrients you need to stay balanced including sugar, you will probably not lose more weight than you need to. However, there may be some muscle waste if you stay on the diet for too long. Ideally, you should only do this diet for 7days - 10 days. You should be detoxed by then.

Secondly, to keep the weight off, you are advised to enforce a lifestyle change after the diet. You need to exercise at least 3X a week. It's the healthy thing to do anyways. You should eat healthy, incorporate raw foods in your diet, fruits and salads. Cut out too much sugar, carbs etc. If you can, eat a diet of 80% raw food and 20% cooked food including meat, but preferably white meat.

However, this diet ends with an easing out period of 3days. After the diet, you shouldn't just break the diet with a mouthful of chicken and chips or rice and stew etc. You should do a day of juiced fruits, a second day of juiced fruits and maybe a little steamed vegetable without oil, then a 3rd day with more vegetables maybe carrots and from the fourth day you can go back to regular food but with a healthier attitude to food.

There are two reasons for easing out, first is if you suddenly introduce solid food into your body immediately after the diet your body may not be able to handle it and your stomach will cramp painfully. Secondly, your body has basically been deprived of carbs and proteins for about 10 days right? So your body protects itself from this deprivation by slowing down your metabolism, the moment you suddenly introduce carbs back in your body holds onto every scrap it gets and you tend to put on even more weight than you lost. So be warned.

Will tell you more about life after the master cleanse in subsequent posts.

My weight at the end of Day 3 was 66.5kg! Ladies and gentlemen, I have lost 4.5kg in 3days!

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