Friday, September 3, 2010


Hello y'all.

It was a beautiful day, yes it sure was. I wish to say it's true what they say about your energy level after the third day. I felt so much better and was not even that hungry. Each time I felt the hunger pangs coming I quickly took a swig and felt a lot better.

I felt energetic. Don't get me wrong, there IS an empty feeling in my stomach but somehow I have the energy to go on. I could actually go clubbing and dance right now. I think I'll actually do that. ;) ;)

My self-esteem has gone up. Let me talk a bit about the changes in my body. I had an abdominal surgery so there was a considerable swelling and even a slight muffin top over the surgical incision due to inflamation and later due to fat. My stomach looked awful. For someone who USED TO boast of a concave belly, this was a real self-esteem and sensuality killer. But now my belly is flat as an ironing table! No kidding. My FACE is actually slimmer, better defined lines and all. After day 1, my tongue started developing this white coating, didn't matter how much I brushed and scrubbed, it had like this white coating over it. I researched this and learnt this was part of the detox process and when the detox is getting complete your tongue should become a nice pink colour. At the end of Day 4 my tongue has started turning pink with a few patches of white. Apparently, your tongue could also serve as an indicator for when to stop the detox diet.

Now to gross you out a bit, there's been consistent bowel movement all through this diet, makes me wonder where it's coming from seeing that I haven't had anything to eat in 4 days. My colon must be cleaning out. All the years of piled up junk. It's really awful what we do to our bodies.

Two of my colleagues who started the diet with me have dropped off. One because she just couldn't go on and the other for health reasons. How demotivating :(. Well, I will keep on and hope I do get to day 10. But people, I must say, it gets easier.

My weight at the end of Day 4: 65.5kg. Did I mention that my target is 62kg. That will be just about perfect for a person my height.

5.5kg in 4days!


Now I can wear my freak'um dress tomorrow! :)

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