Saturday, September 4, 2010


How time flies! It's day 5 already, right? Wrong! I have been conscious of every minute and every second without food lol. 5 whole days! Phew! This is a true reality check. I am beginning to see the concept of hunger differently. Sometimes it's all in your mind (don't tell that to starving sudanese children oh). But on a serious note most of the times when we think we are hungry, guess what? We are not. Eating has become force of habit. As soon as it gets to the time when you normally eat your brain sends a message to the belly and the belly sends you a not so subtle message. Now ever stopped to wonder how if you ignore the belly long enough the hunger 'passes'. Seriously, where did it go? I may never go back to stuffing my face with home made bread and cake on a binge feast attack. Don't know if I'm happy or sad to know this. Lol.

Here I am, at day 5 people, and I weigh 65kg. Notice how the rate of my weight loss is decreasing, that's because my body has gone into starvation mode and is basically protecting me from losing more weight than I should. So 5kg off in 5 days! Miracles still happen y'all. All you have to do is pray... and not eat for 10days. I feel great by the way, energy good, hunger not!

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