Friday, September 10, 2010

DAY - 10 and ease out day 1

I am a bit late in posting my experience on the last day of the lemon detox because I have been traveling and only just got connected.

It's come and gone. The whole lemon detox program. I look great and I feel great. I ended up losing almost 7kg altogether. I would do this again if I had to. It is so rewarding... but first...I've gotta have some Chicken. lol.

The last day went pretty well and quickly too. I even got a pack of finger foods and couldn't resist taking the pack home with me. I kept it in the fridge till the next day which was supposed to be my first day of easing out. I couldn't resist eating some of the peppered chicken gizzard in the pack. It tasted soooo goood... lol. However, apart from that I decided to do just fruit juices all day. Usually you are adviced to do only orange juice on the first day of easing out, but I sorta modified that and made a smoothie out of apples, grapes and a little soya milk and drank that all day. That felt filling and is arguably the tastiest smoothie I've had in my whole life.

I am also back on the treadmill, power walking and running lightly. I can't actually do high intensity training yet until my doctor gives the say so. But knowing I need to keep my metabolism going so as not to put the weight back on I am doing two things, incorporating a lot of raw food in my diet and exercising for at least 30minutes five days a week. That should keep me going till I can do weight and High intensity training.

I achieved my aim people. I love the way I look and celebrated by donning one of my hottest shorts and a blazing red "Tee for ATTENTION" shirt yesterday! I kinda loved the stares I got at the mall.

You can click on the links on this page for more information on the lemon detox diet and if you live in Lagos you can get your syrup at Proflex and fresh lemons at Park and Shop or SPAR.

Cheers people and thanks for keeping me accountable.

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