Wednesday, September 1, 2010


At the end of day 2, I weighed myself and... wait for it... the scale said 68kg!!!!!(doing a little jig (a little jig because I don't have the energy for anything more strenous). I have lost 3kg in 2 days!!!

I woke up feeling okay. No light headedness, no headaches, no hunger. I was even energetic. I didn't take my first swig till 10.30am or there abouts. I have been drinking a lot of water which is really advisable on this diet. Water is essential the more you can drink the better for your body.

I had lunch with a friend yesterday at A-Bar. Who knows that scrumptious hot jollof rice, with green vegetables and deep fried plantains they have on their menu there? Yes, the very one, that's what my friend ordered so I sat and watched him munch and swallow while I drank a bottle of water with slices of lemon in it. I simply kept the conversation going while he mumbled through his stuffed mouth and I sipped on my water. I swear, I should go to heaven for this.

The headache came back at about 4pm but after a few quick swigs of my "food", as I fondly call the evil brew, I felt loads better.

My colleague who is also on the diet told me she motivates herself by remembering that food isn't going anywhere right? Food will still be in existence at the end of the 10 days. Then we can eat. Maybe at the end of these 10 days I'll treat food with a little more respect- don't ask me what that means.

So, mind over matter and all that stuff. Yes I can!

Here's a picture of the tin.

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